Drowning Words

by Lovell Lykaon

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released 22 August 2014




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Lovell Lykaon Atlanta, Georgia

Lovell Lykaon is your new unique artist with a HipHop/Pop music flow.He's a rapper, singer, and Choreographer for many upcoming artist. Lovell is also known for his talented graphic design work.
His work is all over the internet with single releases like "Down with me" and "Love Vapors" from his past two eps on soundcloud.com this artist will is making big moves in the game.
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Track Name: Broken Therapy
Lovell Lykaon: Broken Therapy
Would it hurt at all just to say I love you?
Can you explain you actions cause I don’t understand you
But if you really mean the things you say
You need to just focus please focus on what’s in front of you

At times I wanted to forget
And yes there’s a lot of regret
I wish you could see that I’m doing the best that I can
There isn’t anything less
But all honesty I want you
No one else in the picture
Just me and you
Yes we talk a lot of shit
And we don’t mean any of it
But I’m above all of it
I’m all in it
Can you say that about those other men?
That you been with? NO

Can’t believe you don’t trust me
Want me to say I love you
But really would that change a thing
That’s just like buying a ring
I’m not that negative type
So lets be real with it
Sit down and lets deal with this
Tired of all the arguing like we kids and shit
Coming up with excuses
But do you really want this
Or do you want something else
Somebody that could be worse then me
So if you keep running away
Not facing your fears
Blocked by the gate of love and hate
Sadly you will see the truth in the worse way
I will feel sad for you at the end of the day
Depression for you is a guaranteed fate
Its a shame

Now you want to break anything you see
Don’t care who bought it
Don’t give two fucks
Want to talk about it
But you talk with fists
So good luck
I wont play those games
I wont get fed up
I wont be in your lane
Leave that check in the mail when you walk out
Got you on video tape such a good thing
Never want us to end this way
but that’s just change
said I need to focus
well focus on what
cause what you did was really clear
you walked out on us
you walked out on us
no love for us
Track Name: Love What

I don’t give a damn yall people don’t understand
You don’t trust me I will make sure you believe
I don’t love you cheated and you don’t know what to do
My feelings for you out the window now I’m through

Slap boom pow how
Don’t know what I did but I know what to do now
You gone learn not to come for me
I’m not your ordinary man
You don’t know me
I drank from a cup called immortality
You not real to me
Talk a lot of shit and say you not feeling me
I don’t care
When this song end I hope you feel it there
Wish I had a gun so I could shoot you there
Erase you out my life and burry you there
Fuck your feelings
You ass just scared
A hoe moving to fast you better close them legs

I believe I had a little too much
I’m my zone were I meditate
Thinking of you and thinking of hate
Great now you want to talk
But full of lies
The words that come out
Just makes me puke
Don’t know what to do
Nasty Nasty
Aw fuck you
Everybody see you just dumb
Look at me
Then look were I come from
I don’t have time for that
All of your shit
Get the fuck out bitch
You don’t know me
You hate that
Always talking that shit just wack
Don’t have anything better to do
I better myself by getting over you
I hear noise
Sounds like la la la la la
What you say?
Ha I don’t hear you feel you
Worst thing I did
Was try to get to know you
You’re so done to me
When I see your face
You just funny to me
Track Name: Yes or No

You like me
We gone see
Are you free?
Is that yes or no

You want that
Are you gay?
Are you straight?
Look at her look at him
I see some things about to began
Lick this come here nasty messages on this app
About to pull a disappearing act
Thirsty bitches on attack
Upload one pic
Now they ask
All these questions
I delete that
Fix that
I can’t find any one
So it’s a solo act
Bitch this isn’t jackd
All that talk and no act
You don’t understand
Every day I’m hearing

Mesmerizing you may be
But it’s not like me
To act slutty
Funny I must say
To see you act this way
Trying to get in my pants
Asking me to dance
But no
Hell no
I’m not your personal stripper so go
You say I’m just tripping
But you seem so thirsty
Step the fuck back get your sweat up off of me
I tried to tell you nicely
Bitch your not appealing
Girl or boy you slipping
Face makes me scream
Body is flappy
You so nasty
Get an upgrade
Cause you not classy
Are you mad or nah
Cause I read you that way
Let me tell you this way
You are not my type you are ugly
Track Name: After Effect
After Effect
I feel like I'm so into you but you stopped telling me the truth
I've seen all that you can do
Messing with you there's an after effect
1st Verse:
Honesty Trust
Charisma clarity
Everything you do don't make since to me
Negative vibes so much to hide
Need to get away before we start to collide
Can't drink the cup you filled
Full of lies and far from real
So this is my after effect to your suggestion no us no time for
It could be physical but you made it unreal
You don't understand the way I feel
Stop that and save it for memory the best way to say this is
I don't trust you and your not feeling me
I don't really care now bitch just please
Get away from me run run run
Cause bitch I'm really just done done done
I had to say this and I had to get off my chest and I had to erase it
What I said at first
I don't really regret it
Cause everything I did I did I said it
You made it unreal
You made it real clear how you feel
You the one that walked out on us
Wanted to get cheated
Wanted to get fucked up
Let's read
If you want two Dick's and your ass
I ain't got time for that shit pass
I ain't got time for your fucking issues everybody see you Man you the one that screwed dude
I ain't trying to do it
I Ain't trying to say that I'm the best one with it
But when I came in here I was really getting it
I did
Everybody see cause I'm so ill with it
Track Name: Kill Time
Were not killing time anymore
We are changing are pace
We are moving on moving on
To Better Things